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Here’s what we’ll cover on our next LIVE training…

  • How Increasing Faith Can Multiply Your Business and Eliminate Fear So You Can Close Bigger Deals and Make Bigger Impact
  • How to Let the Spirit Lead You to Make the Right Business Decisions
  • How to Go After Your Goals In the Physical Realm and Unlock them in the Spiritual Realm
  • How to Break a Poverty Mentality and Grow a Kingdom Mindset Around Money and Finances
  • How to Access Miracles in Business through God’s Grace, By Understanding Rarely Discussed Bible-Based Principles
  • Learn How to Eliminate The Fear of Selling Your Ideas and Get Empowered by the Spirit to Lead You

Who’s Teaching

Adam Flores

Growing up in poverty, Adam had to overcome great resistance on the path to success dealing with generational patterns of unhealthy thinking, dysfunctional perspectives on relationships, poor examples of financial management, and cycles of family failure.

He didn’t want to rely on the World's perspective of success because he discovered that the world teaches you “Principles” but they take out the “Prince” and the “Prince” is where the “Power” is.

Through biblical wisdom, principles, and strategies Adam has been able to break through a spirit of poverty and build 2 million dollar companies, become a best-selling author, and founded The Kingdom Driven Success Community.

Today, Adam spends his time running his two companies along with being a proud dad to his daughter, Milana, and husband to his wife, Brianna, who runs teachings and trainings alongside him.

Adam’s vision to help creatives, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and ministry leaders break through the resistance they face going after their goals and get the strategies and ideas that can propel their vision forward and actualize the purpose God designed for them.

To learn more about his work, you can register for one of his next upcoming trainings to see how his work is elevating leaders in their business and ministry!

Brianna Flores  

Brianna was a “free to be me” college student that got her degree from a California University in Marketing.

As she ventured off into multiple business ideas of her own, she uncovered her spiritual giftings of teaching and creativity that unraveled her purpose in the Jewelry business and Relationship coaching.

She plays the role of spiritual mom to many women in her circle and has a burning desire to see others understand their true identity in Christ by learning the absolute truth of who God is and who He created them to be.

She is a proud mom to her daughter Milana and is a wife to her Husband Adam who teaches alongside her in their Kingdom Driven Success community.

To learn more about Brianna’s teaching you can attend one of her next live trainings to see how her God-given gift of teaching will help elevate and unlock you into new levels. 


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