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  • Were NOT Born into Wealth: You didn't come from a successful family so you feel the resistance of having to break generational chains while simultaneously having to re-program your mind for success...
  • Lack of Clarity and Vision: You struggle with clarity of vision and often find yourself starting and stopping, leading to discouragement and a lack of accomplishment in life or your business...
  • Struggle with Negative Self Talk: There’s an inner voice constantly working to discourage you, break your confidence, and steal your joy...
  • Blocks Around Money and Success: You have blocks around money and success, but unsure how to break the chains and strongholds holding you back from your financial goals...
  • Slow Progress and Lack of Discipline: You’re frustrated with years of slow progress and struggle to discipline yourself on the things you know you should be doing...



I’m Adam, and for years the Spirit of Poverty held me back from reaching God’s best for me.

I experienced constant failure in my business, ongoing financial struggle, and I had countless blocks around money and success.

Not to mention, the enemy would lie to me and say things like “You’re not worthy of success, just give up already. Didn’t you fail the last time? What is your family going to think of you when you fail them AGAIN?”

So I began reading my word and praying for wisdom on how to navigate through the enemy’s lies that attempted to break me.

One day, God revealed to me that there are four resistances robbing me of my joy, constraining my finances, and holding me captive from reaching my God-sized vision.

Write This Down: You MUST pinpoint which of the four resistances is holding you back, learn the process to overcome that resistance, and obtain the resources necessary for life-long sustainability.



Spirit of Poverty

A SPIRIT OF POVERTY is the inner voice of the enemy that attacks your identity and gets you focused on the qualities and resources you lack to be successful.

EXAMPLE: Remember the last time you fail, why don’t you just give up. If you were worthy, don’t you think God would have helped you a long time ago? You have no money, stop pretending like you’re ever going to get ahead in life.


Life Oppression

LIFE OF OPPRESSION is an outside force holding you back from what God has in store for your life.

EXAMPLE: Career Oppression: You are stuck in a career that doesn’t allow you to share your gifts, unlock your purpose, or lead you down a path of happiness and fulfillment.


Poverty Mindset

POVERTY MINDSET is when your perspectives and beliefs around the lack of money and resources hold you back from God’s Best.

EXAMPLE: What if I fail and it doesn’t work, then what? I’m afraid to become successful because I don’t want people to treat me differently. I feel bad charging for my services and I don’t want God to be displeased with me.


Sinful Nature of
the Mind

SINFUL NATURE OF THE MIND is when you know what you should do, but you choose not to do it.

EXAMPLE: I know I should be eating healthy and going to the gym, but I’d rather watch the new Netflix series and maybe go to the gym some other time.
At some point in your life, you’re going to face these four resistances...It’s inevitable! So…

The goal is NOT  to avoid them, the goal is to isolate which resistance is holding you back and begin addressing it head-on.

That’s exactly why I created this FREE
“Breaking a Spirit of Poverty” course.


1. 5 simple “Action-Steps” you can take TODAY, that’ll allow you to take back control of your mind and finally break off a Spirit of Poverty.(Hint: See Video #1)

2. The “10 Oppressions” that have you stuck away from God’s best for you and a proven process to help you overcome them.
(Hint: Oppression #9 is the one most people struggle with.)

3. How to leverage “Everyday Resources” to master the skills and mindset required to break a poverty mindset.

4. A “Simple Hack” that’ll help you manage your time better and keep you on track with your God-inspired goals.

5. The “Manifestation Ladder” which shows you a step by step process of how you can EARN miracles.


“Faith in Action Assignment” specifically created to help build your spirit and kingdom mindset daily.


Omg!! The video hit home!!! No matter how mature I am in Christ... this was an eye opener! Thanks Adam!


I absolutely love this course. I was having one breakthrough after another because I gained insight into why I’ve been struggling as an entrepreneur. Thank you Adam...fantastic training!


“Love that God can move at Godspeed! God can ”Catch us up” if we have gotten distracted, but have been corrected.”


“Entire series of teaching was great!”


My prayer is that you’ll experience breakthroughs, mindset shifts, and full clarity around your God-vision and goals.

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Every traumatic life experience you’ve been through, all the emotional uphill battles you’ve had to climb, they’ve all led you here to this exact moment.

God brought you here because He has a purpose for your life, He sees how big your heart is, and HE wants you to know that there’s so much more in store for you!

I believe your breakthrough is just around the corner and I would be honored to help guide and support you on your spiritual journey.

But the real question is...

Are you ready to take back control and begin living the purpose-driven life God has planned for you, or are you content with continuing life as it’s been thus far?

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